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History behind the computer.

Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace wrote first computer program ADA the first computer language was named for her.

Charles Babbage The analytical engine

History of science and technology (Smithsonian)

Carbons to Computers

History of the Microprocessor

Motorola's first microprocessor 1974

Intel Museum

The ENIAC Story

Computer Industry History

Computer History Collection

Cray Inc. History The Super Computer

The History of the MS-DOS Operating Systems

History of Linux

History of Unix

History of VM

History of VM link from IBM's 30th anniversary of VM to Princeton U

History of Microsoft Windows

Jim Clark founder SGI and Netscape

The SGI Habanero-Hamburger tradition

History of Sun Microsystems

Admiral Grace Murray Hopper,  Celebration of Women in Computing

Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, Inventor of COBAL Ships website

History behind Beagle Computers, Inc.

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