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The following links are provided as a help tool only.   Beagle Computer's Inc. and its management,  is not responsible too track, recommend, nor do we have any resources, to investigate animal Rescue, and animal Adoption agencies.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to learn who you are dealing with, in these organizations.  It is also your responsibility for your animal, or the animal you plan to adopt, or put up for adoption.  If you plan to adopt a Beagle learn about the breed.  Beagle's are beautiful animals, but they are a handful to train,  they have minds, and personalities all their own.    I have known 3 Beagle's.  One was docile, but would respond to commands if she felt like it, as she got older, but she did send burglars packing.  The second another female will bite for no reason.  The third I got as a companion for my late mom, he died of throat cancer too soon at 6.   I love/loved them all.

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